Latest News

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s courses and each other’s company in 2019.  Our Course Brochure and Timetable for Semester 1, 2020 will be available at our Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 29th January at 9.30am where you can enrol, see the new committee in for the new year, hear our guest speaker, and record your expressions of interest for the range of courses we offer.

New Courses Semester 1 2020

We are pleased to offer three new courses:-  International Relations with Laurence Neal, “21 Lessons for 21st Century” with John van Riet, and a slight change to the old Travellers Tales with the introduction of a course called Traveller & Culture Tales with Robin Herry.

Be Connected Update

This has been a very successful program for our members to become more skilled and confident using online devices and we thank those many members who participated and of course contributed to our being able to obtain a $2,000 grant, which helped buy our new Smart TV!   A big thank you also to our three program supervisors:-  Joyce Widdows, Cheryl Hoysted and Maree McCudden for their generous offers of assistance, and especially Kerry Andison for working so hard to help it all run smoothly.

End of Year Breakfast

There is still time until 22nd November to put your name on the list to come to this popular event.  Just see the flyer on the meeting room table for details, talk to Linda Vaccaro, or ring the Secretary.  Breakfast is scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, toast, pancakes with butter, sauces and condiments – all for $30.

Handling of cash

The Committee has decided that for security reasons and because of our larger  membership we will no longer be collecting cash at our meeting room but will offer payment either by electronic transfer or bank deposit.  The only exception to be made is when a member finds it extremely difficult for health reasons to get to a bank, in which case alternative arrangements can be made.

How to operate our new Smart TV 

Kerry Andison will be offering another presentation (date to be advised) early on in the first semester of next year for all those who missed the first one.  We will have an information sheet giving general guidelines available at this presentation.  With so few IT savvy members available to lend a helping hand at every class, it is the responsibility of all those who want to use our electronic devices to make the effort to learn.

Bunnings Sausage Sizzle – Sunday 15th December 2019 from 9 am – 4 pm

Yes, this is a new and perhaps one-off attempt to help raise money for a new defibrillator for our members.  We would love to see some of your friends and family turn up to buy a sausage on the day, so please spread the word!  We have most of the tasks covered but are still looking for volunteers to fill seven one-hour spots from 9 am – 4pm as Server – this is someone who puts the sausage and/or onions on the bread and places it onto the server on the counter.  Do just one hour or more – it will be much appreciated!